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"Live or nothing" Vasco Rossi: promoted or rejected?

Now two weeks have passed since the publication of the long-awaited new album Vasco Rossi "living or nothing" and how to forecast made their appearance on the web reviewsmyriad, many of which are characterized by self-aggrandizing.

If it is true that the rocker of Zocca has a bevy of fans who support now from time immemorial, it is also true that there are anti-Blasco, those who do not appreciate nor his music or his character. Not surprisingly, therefore, if a positive judgement and critical few cues to demonstrate that disk anticipated by the single "Eh ... Already "has not put all agree. In this respect is a very interesting article published today on RockLab which compared two very different philosophies of thought. Theprosecution to "living or nothing" focuses primarily on "the usual celebration of Vasco Way-of-Life, Prosopopoeia and the presumption of the holy man who poses his indifference and ideas not confondendole with his voice." If we ignore this aspect of the music of "it was very little. A stale and flaccid, unable to contain any glimmer of life, a mummification of a singer is portraying having reached already from one piece of the public who could achieve. What is clear is that Vasco Rossi, with discs so, Captivate is no longer any new fans, and straparla to itself and to ' his ' because she understood that widen their audience is impossible "for him.

If the credits are rather stinging accusation, it is certainly not the least of defenseresponse: one enclosed in "living or nothing" is not simple to themselves, rather it is to be considered as a kind of "special condition" ("there is no doubt that it is an intimate album, where Rossi speaks of himself in many of the songs and this can only be indicative of deep symbiosis between the singer and his fans: few other artists can unfold in this way to their audiences, as well as they arevery true, without CAP and peeled on sight "). The strength of the disc is expressed with the following words: "once again, Vasco teaches to live talking about life (real, man and not the artist), death, love, women (and the particular relationship that Rossi has with theirThese dedication songs but whose main subject is always him), men of things close to the people, and it does so with straightforward, unadorned words, approaching somehow a bit more music restarting after so many years, to sing in a veritable his omitting the classic style of speech that made him famous.

Certainly there will be made an idea of "living or nothing" and after having proposed these two ideas to reflect in depth on fatigue of Blasco please: "living or nothing" is promoted or rejected?


"Vasco Rossi" Dancing Project for dancers: wanted "Live Tour" Kom 011

If until a few days ago you were convinced that Vasco Rossi and dance the two worlds were inconcigliabili, we are to give a second reason (after this) to think again.

The rocker of Zocca always knows how to leave open-mouthed his numerous fans and the news of his debut at La Scala in Milan with the show "the other half of heaven" (of which he edited the music and the dramamturgia) had achieved this effect. Is the announcement of the opening of a new cultural Association (nonprofit) called "Vasco Rossi Dancing Project"Blasco, which is the lender. The purpose of this new project is the promotion of dance accompanied by the desire to provide incentives to give a higher education to aspiring dancers. The Association also proposes to interact with local administrations to contribute concretely to approach young people in this world.

The "Vasco Rossi Dancing Project" will dance seminars, internships, workshops, fellowships and many other events aimed at those who want to live the dream of becoming professional dancers. About internships, they will be not only a moment of training but also a chance to demonstrate its capabilities: the best dancers selected here will be the protagonists of concert next to Vasco Rossi Live Kom 011 Tour "and will be dancing on the same stage where Blasco will sing in front of his numerous fans.

To learn more about the "Vasco Rossi Dancing Project" and this contest please consult the official website of the Association.


"Vasco Rossi, I had a dream": the Blasco becomes cartoon

Vasco Rossi becomes a cartoon thanks to Chiaroscuro Srl in Bologna in coproduction with Ods srl.

Friday, April 8, was presented at the exhibition "Cartoons on the bay" "Vasco Rossi, I had a dream", the cartoon starring the rocker of Zocca. It is a project realised with over 5000 frames drawn in two months working with a budget from 260 thousand euros.

The idea of "Vasco Rossi, I had a dream" is coming to the art director Arturo Bertusi, who said: "Chiaroscuro deals with treating the covers and graphics of Vasco Rossi and other artists. In 2009, listening to the song ' I had a dream we have noticed that spoke in the first person, and there was born the idea of doing something that was a cartoon but also a graphic novel. From there started a long period of research to realize the project ".

The concept around which revolves the cartoon sees a situation in which the music is banned by an authoritarian regime that has no intention of annientarla through advertising projected on large screens maxi-style "big brother" of Orwell. To save the situation will be a few heroes who succeed to spread the songs by Vasco as a sign of rebellion against the repressive actions of the power.


EMI Music for Japan: a relic of Vasco Rossi at auction

It spent nearly a month after the terrible tragedy that struck the Japan, but the charity actions continue to succession.

This time is the EMI Music to launch a new initiative was born with the purpose to raise funds for victims earthquake and of the tsunami nel Paese del Sol Levante, and when the music drops in for a good cause are the artists's most famous and most loved by the audience to stand in the forefront. They couldn't for sure disrespecting Vasco Rossi, who on the occasion of the launch of the great auction EMI in favour of Japan has decided to put on sale a heirloom: its a black carpet used at the press conference to launch the new album "living or nothing". In addition to Blasco, became the protagonists of the auction also lots of other stars including Coldplay, Gorillaz, Norah Jones, Iron Maiden, The Beach Boys, David Guetta, Lady Antebellum, The Chemical Brothers, Depeche Mode, 30 Seconds To Mars, Tiziano Ferro, Jonas Brothers, Keith Urban, Good Charlotte, The Beatles and Katy Perry.

The funds collected will be used for the reconstruction of areas affected by the terrible natural disasters that we are all aware, and EMI Group has taken the commitment to double the figure obtained through the sale of items at stake up to a maximum of one million euros.

The first part of the auction began Tuesday 5 April and will continue until 15 April: can be purchased over 200 exclusive memorabilia "that money cannot buy." A second phase of the auction will be held between the 11th and April 21. All items for sale are visible on this site.


Vasco Rossi challenge Ligabue on Facebook: "you have to eat a little bit of polenta ..."

Vasco Rossi declares war on his historic "rival" Luciano Ligabue?

On the site of "La Repubblica" was published a story concerning a curious incident involving these two great Italian artists and in particular the rocker of Zocca, who bluntly expressed his thoughts about the colleague and openly challenged him. Around 8 p.m. on Sunday, April 10, has been published in the official Facebook page of Vasco (which boasts over 2 million members) a note entitled "I opened the season of titillating and let us be strong," he did discuss a lot in the last hour: "Dear Liga, when you have written you nearly 200 songs and unreleased album released 16 will be able to be put on my own plan. You have to eat a little bit of polenta before we can compare with me ". There is also a consideration rather provocative: "unique challenge which I accept is a duel to s ound-the morning dawn, behind the convent of the Discalced Carmelites. I leave you the choice of weapons. Remember that I shoot only at heart ".

The message has remained online until early afternoon Monday, April 11, to be belied then Tania Sachs Press Office of Rossi, who has been known to disappear and replace it with another message: "it's a post that suddenly appeared, according to us was not written by Vasco and is thus wrongly attributed to him. We have deleted from Dashboard but suddenly we found him in a less prominent part of the official page. We think it is someone who wanted to make a joke at all, and two, even though we still haven't found out who it was. "

He speaks therefore of unauthorized intrusions into the space official Blasco, but not all fans believed this version of the facts and the mystery deepens. What do you think?


Vasco Rossi is also the number one ranking

It's still the undisputed Dominator Vasco Rossi of ranking of best-selling albums in Italy.

When you say that the rocker of Zocca is "the number 1? it really says all the senses: for fans is the number 1 when it comes to convey big emotions and dream with musicWhile the general public is the number 1 when you consider the sale of his records.

The Komandante has always been the real protagonist of the Italian music scene and seems to want to keep tight this prestigious title for very long. With the new album "Live or nothing" proved once again to be a master in writing and interpreting songs that come straight to the heart ... and straight into the top of the chart. There certainly are surprised to find the disk in the top 10 this week and for the third consecutive time. If "living or nothing" is the same BMI, successful is touched to the single "Eh ... Already, that "for the 10th week in a row turns out to be the most broadcast radio and has already obtained the digital download certified Platinum. Last but not least, Vasco is in the top 20 even with another album, "Vasco London Instant Live 04.05.2010 ?, today at the 19th place.

You thought that the list of successes of Blasco was over? Error! Sales dvd confirm the extraordinary results with 4 titles in the Top 20 best-selling dvd ("Il mondo che vorrei", "front of the stage – Live 90, Vasco @ Olympic and Vasco Rossi @ s. Siro ' 03).

Congratulations to Vasco national!


Vasco Rossi made his debut at La Scala with "the other half of heaven"!

It's a few hours ago, to say the least surprising news for Vasco Rossi.

The rocker of Zocca reserve always unforeseeable novelty to his many fans and this time it also denies that his debut at La Scala with the show "l'altra metà del cielo". Always interested in art in all its forms, Blasco has signed music and the the drama of this show which there never have imagined the nature it is a representation dancefocusing on a discipline that has never found a meeting point with the artistic career of Rossi.

To make known this pleasant news was the Superintendent of the prestigious teatro Milan Stephane Lissner, who explained that "the other half of heaven" has as its core the "willingness to understand if there is a connection possible between dance and this kind of music"or rock music, which always uses Vasco to dream his supporter of every generation.
If rocker was music and dramaturgy, to have regard to the realization of the choreography is Martha Clarke while the orchestration by Celso Valli.

We still have a lot of patience before you can appreciate "the other half of heaven", which will be staged at La Scala from 31 March 2012 and in the days to follow (from 3 to 7 April and then 11 and April 13).


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